Hiteco 3rd party service offers: The “Octagon”

Our service scope, your benefits

Since 2004, we provide best-in-class 3rd party services for companies from different parts of this world (USA, Europe, Asia) and different size (large corporates as well as small and medium sized companies). Our experts are dedicated to deliver value to you and your supply chain in order to ensure your competitiveness in the market!

On behalf of our clients we conduct supplier audits, we manage your supplier base in China and other countries such as Taiwan, Malaysia or Vietnam. We initiate and we accompany comprehensive supplier performance improvement programs, with detailed action plans which will be tracked on an ongoing basis – all completely in line with your internal standards and processes!

Industry coverage and references

We are acting as 3rd party service provider for all kind of industries such as manufacturing, automotive, solar and energy, energy, machinery, health care, oil & gas, medical equipment, construction, aerospace and others.

How to collaborate with us

  1. "Spot Contract":
    Select specific services according to your needs (e.g. supplier audit)

  2. "Partner Contract":
    Assign us as your “China partner” and a dedicated team will fulfill the required services on an ongoing basis (as your external workbench)
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