Hiteco is a China-based company which supplies different kind of metal filter such as wire mesh, filter elements and discs to international and domestic clients in various industries such as Hydraulics, Automobile, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Paper and many others. Our aim and mission is it to deliver the best quality and the most suitable solution for your application. Our production facility has sufficient capacity and up-to-date machines to produce any kind of batch size and exactly according to your needs. Interested or request for a quote? Just contact us and we will revert to you as soon as possible!

Wire mesh

  • Supplied in: Rolls or Pre-Cut
  • Supplied in: Rolls or Pre-Cut
  • Filtration Grade: From 3µm up to 10 mm
  • Applications: Different types of filtration under high pressure, filtering of oils and gas

Filter element

  • Supplied in: plain or pleated, cylindrical or conical, sieve belts and basket etc
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Plain Steel, combinations of various materials
  • Filtration Grade: From 3µm up to 10 mm
  • Applications: Filtration of oil. various chemical products, solvents as well es compressed air and gas

Discs and screens

  • Supplied in: cuts in any shape from wire cloths and metal fiber fabrics
  • Material: Stainless / plain / galvanized steel, copper, brass, phosphor bronze and special alloys
  • Filtration Grade: From 3µm up to 10 mm
  • Applications: used in screen changers for filtration of various, viscous media, e.g. plastic melt (virgin or recycling), rubber or silicones
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