Why Us

Core Competencies


Technical / Engineering expertise

When it comes to engineered parts such as mold this can and will make a huge difference. Every supplier will tell you “we can do” but how many of them are really capable to do things such as a proper mold flow analysis? We are used to this, we do have the expertise and we are able to do technical consulting in a comprehensive manner!


Project management competence

Keeping timelines is crucial for your and our business, and many of our clients have to handle large projects where even small delays lead to significant commercial issues. Hiteco is not only used to keep the timelines, we are also used to work in a project-based environment and more than familiar how to handle critical issues - proactively!


Special features and service

We are highly committed to service and customer satisfaction. Thus we continuously work on improving in this area e.g. by offering new and value-added features such as our 'Hiteco Video Platform' where clients can download videos from audits or other information related to ChinaSourcing

Core values

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